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Unique and versatile



BOX AM is a storage system that allows you to optimize all aspects of your truck without any compromises, whether it is ergonomics, storage capacity or even its usefulness, we designed it to be able to control the trunk without any extra effort and without neglecting the useful space of your truck. 

BOX AM, the revolution at hand!

One size for all trucks

Our products

To carry your tools and materials, your hunting, fishing, camping or everyday accessories the BOX AM system fits all full-size trucks and has a high cargo capacity to hold a huge variety of equipments! All of our products are made of aluminum with a POWDER COAT resistant to UV rays. This range offers different options to meet your needs.

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3,495.00$ CAD

Delivery included in Canada

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BOX-AM turret system with toolbox, which allows you to take advantage of your storage with just one click. With our joystick system, the box comes to you!

Box-am system with storage box

First come, first served! Quantities limited and will be distributed according to the dates of pre-orders.

895.00$ CAD

Delivery included in Canada

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BOX-AM drawer system slides and allows you to quickly access your storage directly by opening the tailgate, without efforts. In addition to its large storage capacity, nothing will move around in the back of your truck!

First come, first served! Quantities limited and will be distributed according to the dates of pre-orders.

1,195.00$ CAD

Delivery included in Canada

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Our versatile toolbox is particularly aimed at self-employed workers and entrepreneurs. The toolbox fits directly into the drawer system to hold your tools and materials! It has a lock and is water resistant.

Versatile box-am safe


Health, Safety and Environment Specialists

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PACO Paul Albert Chevrolet Buick Cadillac GMC Ltd

870 Bd Talbot, Chicoutimi, QC G7H 4B4
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In order to better understand our revolutionary product, we have created an interactive 3D model for you. You will be able to observe the operation directly on your computer, tablet or cell phone.
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Useful for all

Unique and well designed

The system includes specifications demonstrating the know-how that allowed its design. No more back and knee injuries! Maximize your investment by purchasing a system that will follow you through the years, interchangeable from truck to truck. You will not find any similar product on the market.

High level industrial manufacturing

Hide under the canvas

Discreet mechanism and takes up little space

Does not interfere with truck cargo space

Ease of use and installation

Durable and water resistant

Safe with its locking system

Prevents accidents and saves time!

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With our joystick system, the trunk comes to you!

We designed it to be able to control the trunk without extra effort.

Doesn't interfere with truck cargo space!

By just removing the trunk and the drawer in less than a minute, you can even put your ATV in there!

Total clearance width of up to 51 inches, depending on your canvas system!

The drawer pulls out in seconds. You can even insert sheet materials into it, without having to remove the trunk!

With the BOX-AM drawer, you have quick access, without effort on your part!

In addition to its large storage capacity, nothing will roll in the truck bed!

Aluminum: High level industrial manufacturing!

Ease of use and installation.

The chest fits directly into the drawer to put your tools and materials!

Our versatile safe is particularly aimed at self-employed workers and contractors.

The people behind the idea


Pierre Lavoir creator

Pierre Lavoie


An entrepreneur at heart for more than 25 years and specialized in the industrial field and in custom manufacturing, Mr. Lavoie has always known how to innovate.

The company

It all started with a need, an idea, a design!

It was in March 2020 during the first wave of this global pandemic that Mr. Lavoie had to take a break for the first time in his life. Never missing an opportunity to improve things and being irritated by his truck's lack of practical storage, he decided to look at what would suit him on the market. Finding nothing that suited him, he decided to make a custom-made storage chest that would give him all the advantages he needed. Seeing all the advantages and the versatility of his design, he decided to patent his invention to protect himself well before commercialization. This is where the Box Amsystem was born. A revolutionary mechanical arm system that allows the storage box to be transported and allows quick handling without the risk of injury! 

BOX AM, a family story...

It was then that Mr. Lavoie's daughter, Jessica Lavoie, his stepson Vincent Boudreault and his son Keven Lavoie joined the project. 
After more than two years of research and development, they have a common mission:
make life easier for all truck owners with the advantages of box am.

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We will be happy to answer all your questions and discuss with you to find the product that suits you.
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